Our strengths

Our strengths

Success is based on acquiring and adding value to land for the benefit of investors, customers, employees and suppliers, as well as for the good of our local communities. We create environments that stand the test of time and which people can appreciate and enjoy.

Successful leadership team

Our strong, experienced and successful leadership team, together with its management structure, fosters a coherent and timely approach to implementing strategy and delivering results. Career development is encouraged through training.

Excellent product range

Our portfolio of brands has excellent kerb appeal. Customer feedback about our product is very positive and this is endorsed by our award winning pedigree.

Expertise in land buying

We have the expertise and resources to enable land buying opportunities to be taken and returns to be optimised.

A strong and efficient balance sheet

We have a strong balance sheet with net assets of £849m and a balance of equity and debt. The Group is focused on delivering superior levels of return on capital and an efficient use of its capital base.

Responding to customers’ demands

By listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements, we continue to evolve our product and customer services. This involves delivering sites in new locations, house design, broadening our channels to market and online interaction, to increasing our selection of options to allow customers to personalise their new homes.

Corporate sustainability and responsibility

We aim to continuously improve in all aspects of sustainability: in terms of design, customer satisfaction, developing our people and enhancing communities whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

How we measure performance


+11% (2015)


+100% (2015)


+22% (2014)


+12% (2014)


Proportion of first time director appointments from internal promotions

Number of plots

Net assets

Homes legal completions

Responsibly sourced timber


Turnover (£bn) - 2013:£0.60bn; 2014:£0.86bn; 2015:£1.15bnOperatiing Margin (%) - 2013:11.9%; 2014:15.9%; 2015:18.5%EPS (P) - 2013:15.6p*; 2014:28.6p*; 2015:44.5p*ROW (%) - 2013:12.3%;2014:20.5%;2015:26.4%

*Excludes exceptional items and deferred tax rate changes